KYE-YAC Teams Up With Global Kids Arkansas

Global Kids Arkansas and KYE-YAC, International connected through the Arkansas Community Foundation and its ever insightful CEO Heather Larkin.? The collaboration inspired everyone involved to ensure such an important and life-changing program would take place in Arkansas for our youth.? Global Kids has been in existence in New York and Washington D.C. for 25 years.? Arkansas is the third site for the non-profit program that introduces underserved youth to global issues and travel.? Global Kids transforms kids’ lives and equips them with important tools for the future.? Kye Masino, president of KYE-YAC, Int., believes in the program so much he raised and donated $25,000 to help launch the program this year.? Kye and his board members admire and respect the level of dedication, hard work and passion that Big Piph and the GKAR team have consistently given to Global Kids Arkansas and plan to work with them for years to come.



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