KYE-YAC Supports Single Mom, Kids And Education

Tabitha French, single mother of two young children, was successfully juggling motherhood, working and going to school at National Park Community College.? After graduating with honors, Tabitha made the decision to continue her education.? She applied for scholarships in her area of study and was awarded several out of state, yet she still was unable to meet all of the expenses.

Initially she was not sure where to turn but thought of requesting a grant from KYE-YAC, International.? She knew KYE-YAC from the work they had done at her children’s school and Headstart program.? Tabitha’s request, she felt, was a stretch as she was an adult and KYE-YAC’s mission is simply “kids helping kids”. However, the kids in KYE-YAC had the foresight to understand raising and granting the needed funding to a mom for her education would be a way to ensure a better future for her children.? Tabitha is now enrolled in an advanced program in her field of study and well on her way to a promising future for her family.


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