KYE-YAC Sponsors The Lamar Bathhouse In An Annual Fundraiser For Historic And Famous Bathhouse Row

Continuing their work with Friends of the Fordyce, KYE-YAC, International is sponsoring the historic Lamar Bathhouse (re-built in 1923) in an upcoming fundraising event on the evening of May 6th.? The Lamar Bathhouse is located at the end of famous Bathhouse Row.? Although the Lamar closed in 1985, it once was unique in that it offered bathtubs to fit people of various heights and it had a gymnasium.? It was named the Lamar in honor of former Secretary of the Interior Lucius Q.C. Lamar.? The Lamar Bathhouse now houses the national park store and offices for park employees.

This is the 15th annual fundraising event for the bathouses and the first year to include kids.? At the Lamar, the KYE-YAC sponsored bathhouse, kids will be painting and engaging in other excting forms of art.? They will help kick off the art and food extravaganza located at the other bathhouses on the row.? For centuries, this area of Hot Springs is believed by some to have been revered by Native Americans as a place of neutrality where all tribes could bathe in peace.? Hot Springs National Park cites on its website that American Indians occupied land now included within park boundaries some 3,000 years ago.? In 1832 Congress set aside the natural hot springs in our city to be the first federally protected area.

KYE-YAC is honored to be a part of this continuing tradition and hopes to help draw more young people to the area, our national park and historic bathhouses!



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