KYE-YAC Helps Skylar Check A Trip To New York Off Her Bucket List!

Recently the KYE-YAC kids were an integral part of making another wish of Skylar Stone’s bucket list come true.? When the KYE-YAC board first saw Skylar’s bucket list, they talked about the practical items they could work with her and her mom to help make the list grow shorter.? Around spring break, Kye urged everyone to begin to think bigger- and they did.? Kye’s board worked together, and with others in the Arkansas Hospice network, they made it possible for Skylar to spend an amazing week in New York City.? Skylar got to be a special guest at Yankee Stadium, meet Derek Jeter, she even had her own locker for a day!!? Among the many sites and experiences Skylar had that fun filled week were the American Museum of Natural History, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, the Empire State Building and the Central Park Zoo.? KYE-YAC admires Skylar and her mom Lindsey for many reasons, including the way they love, embrace life, live in the moment and strive to raise awareness for schizencephaly ? let’s keep checking off items on Skylar’s bucket list!




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