KYE-YAC Board Becomes Arkansas Hospice Certified Volunteers

The KYE-YAC board is so committed to its partnership with Arkansas Hospice and their compassionate staff of professionals that they recently spent a day becoming certified Arkansas Hospice volunteers.

The training taught the kids about the history and philosophy of hospice, which is to enhance the quality of life for anyone facing terminal illness by surrounding them with love and the best physical and emotional care.

The kids talked with professionals about death, dying and personal experiences they have lived through in their young lives and how they were affected.

They learned about the care a hospice patient is given and the grief counseling each family receives during and after their loved one’s time with Hospice.

Kye’s dog, Luka, has been Hospice certified for over a year now so she can occasionally join the KYE-YAC kids when they make visits and they can incorporate animal therapy.

?Death is the natural conclusion to life.? Sometimes it comes sooner than we would like, fortunately Arkansas Hospice provides the compassion to understand and allow the process to take place with dignity,?? Kye said after a day of training under the AR Hospice professionals.

KYE-YAC and Arkansas Hospice is embarking upon a partnership to provide support and friendship for kids and families in Hospice.? More to come soon!



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