Kye Masino, President Of KYE-YAC, Is The Keynote Speaker At The 2012 Statewide YAC ATTACK

Yac-Attack is a weekend conference designed by youth for youth and focuses on what high school students can do to make a difference in their communities.? Since the inception of YAC, (Youth Advisory Council), in 2002, members of Arkansas Community Foundation 20 YAC’s across the state have given more than $350,000 to charitable causes benefitting youth and children.? LIVE 2 GIVE is the slogan for the event this year.? YAC members from all over Arkansas met February 17-18 at Ferncliff Camp in Little Rock to learn more about philanthropy, grantmaking, and making a positive change in Arkansas communities.? Kye was the keynote speaker for the opening night.? His main message to the high school students was that KYE-YAC also firmly believes that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive in life and that, alongside the YAC members, young people are making a positive difference in our state.

Kye said, “Very simply put, I believe philanthropy means anything you do to make the world around you a better place.”? Kye applauded the high school students for their committment and actions as young leaders and doers in their communities. He told them that they truly inspire him.? Kye also said, “We are fortunate to live in a time in which organizations such as the Arkansas Community Foundation and YAC allows younger people like us to develop into smart grantmakers and makes it possible for us to commit our time and talents to the betterment of our communities.”

Following Kye’s speech to the group of YAC’ers, there were many questions and subsequent conversation that allowed everyone in the room to more fully embrace the true meaning of philanthropy and the ever growing role of young people in giving.




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