The Real Meaning Of Love

Volunteering and working with the professionals at Arkansas Hospice has been a life altering experience for many KYE-YAC board members. ‘some of us have had life altering experiences that will forever change us for the better. ?We have been introduced to more than just concepts, but to real life situations, that make us value life, but also truly understand death and grief.

We look forward to Valentine’s Day each year when we get to take valentine gifts lovingly handmade by hospice employees and deliver them to patients at the hospice wing of a local hospital. ?There is no way to anticipate how powerfully these face to face meetings can be. ‘some patients are able to visit with us, others communicate through eye contact when given a special valentine; some don?t seem to know we are there. ?Over the years we have even been present when patients have passed.

We can’t say how much we respect the care, dignity and love AR Hospice gives each patient and their families as they near the end of life’s journey; and we are grateful to them for teaching us what it means to be truly compassionate with families and individuals experiencing end of life care.



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