An Exciting Partnership Is Formed Between Organizations Supporting Youth In Our Community!

A partnership is taking place spanning the generations in Hot Springs involving young philanthropists working with an individual who has spent nearly 80 years of her life working toward educating Arkansas youths. The Williams Educational Center was recently encouraged by a site visit from Kye Masino, President of KYE-YAC International, a group of youths whose mission is to work toward making life better for youths through education, the arts and health care.


KYE-YAC, led by founder and president, Kye, presented Juanita Williams and WEC Inc. with a donation to boost the center’s educational initiatives and scholarships.

Williams stated in the press release, ?Kye visited bearing many types of gifts.? She went on to explain, ?(KYE-YAC gave) mentally through suggestions and recommendations; physically by engaging in manual onsite repairs; and financially by presenting a $500 check to the center for future programs.?


Williams established the Williams Education Center in honor of her late husband, Benjamin G. Williams, an Arkansas educator who gave 50 years to the cause of educating children in Arkansas. Williams said, ?Benjamin believed strongly that all children can learn.? The center is a tribute to his efforts.


KYE-YAC has given to other charitable causes benefiting children in Hot Springs and Arkansas.

?We believe that working together, youths and elderly, we can build a stronger tomorrow,? says Masino.


The Williams Educational Center has been in existence for six years and is working with KYE-YAC on upgrading its facilities.



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