Kye Inspired By Meeting Dr. Jane Goodall In Washington, D.C.

I knew I was in for a life changing experience when I traveled to Washington D.C. this April to meet and hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak as a member of the National Youth Leadership Council, but I really don?t think I realized how profoundly I would be affected. I also really enjoyed meeting some of the other members of the NYLC who showed up for the event. It was immediately obvious why they were appointed to the council; I was struck by their enthusiasm and could tell they will do great things through Roots & Shoots – and already are!

Dr. Goodall has just written a new book, ‘seeds of Hope? and thousands showed up to see her; but her main message to the crowd and the world seemed to be that we have been borrowing greatly from our planet and it is now time to pay back.? A large part?of what Dr. Goodall’s mission today is to empower youth. That is why she started Roots & Shoots in 1991 in Tanzania and is now in over 130 countries.


She was youthful and inspiring. It is exciting to bring her message back to our community and continue mentoring youth for a better tomorrow.

Watch Dr. Goodall Speak about today’s youth and Roots and Shoots in this video: Click Here

You can also view a press article here: Click Here

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