A Compassionate Community Collaboration

KYE-YAC, International, a group of kids dedicated to improving the lives of youth, collaborated with the YMCA this summer.? KYE-YAC is also a Roots & Shoots group of the Jane Goodall Institute, so they implemented the Roots & Shoots formula designed to make positive change in communities. KYE-YAC worked with twelve and thirteen year-old summer campers at the YMCA. Together they addressed each step to identify and complete a heartwarming service campaign in our community.

With the aid of KYE-YAC members, the campers became adept community mappers as they learned about different aspects of the community via Google My Maps. They used the maps to identify resources for people, animals, and the environment.

The mapping process narrowed down their ideas for service and ultimately the youth agreed unanimously on their service campaign. They wanted to visit to the Hospice wing of CHI St. Vincent Hospital. It was important to them to try to make the patients? day a little brighter.

KYE-YAC asked representatives from Arkansas Hospice to speak with the kids prior to meeting the patients.? The campers were very engaged and asked a lot of questions. Learning more about hospice was important preparation before their visit to the hospital.

The kids made several decorative gift boxes full of handmade goodies such as flowers, cards with cheerful sentiments, bracelets, and much more. They were excited to meet everyone after all of the preparation.

The patients they visited were touched and very happy to see young smiling faces. Some engaged with the kids and let them know how special they are. Each camper had an opportunity to interact with a patient and give them their gifts.

Before any of the activity began, the group agreed on a name for themselves: SUPER IMPACT.? They had no idea how fitting of a name that would be. Their experience is a memory that will last a lifetime and they hope to have brought a little joy to patients and their family members.

?We partnered with the YMCA, worked closely with Arkansas Hospice, and of course Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Initiative,? says Kye Masino, President of KYE-YAC.? ?This project empowered the kids by showing them how important collaborations are and that they have the power to make a difference in the world.?


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