KYE-YAC Joins The Spa City Community’s 1st Annual Program For The Performing Arts

The theme for the Spa City Community’s inaugural event was “Lifting As We Climb”.? Ms. Juanita Williams, Executive Director of the Williams Educational Center was the Co-Chair of the event that recognized her past scholarship students and their present day achievements.

The featured speaker was Andre’ Bernard Jackson, Jr.? He spoke to the crowd at Greater St. Paul Baptist Church about his upbringing and how his community, including Ms. Williams, helped him stay on the path that has led to great success in life and business.? Kye Masino, President and Founder of KYE-YAC, International, also spoke to the crowd about his organization and its committment to working toward giving all youth a chance to thrive in life.? KYE-YAC and other members of the community supported speaker Candace Evans through a grant that allowed her to travel and study in Costa Rica.? Ms. Evans talked of how immensely she grew through the experience and expressed her gratitude to Ms. Williams, the “Spa City Community” and KYE-YAC for helping make her travels possible.

It was an inspiring and truly “uplifting” afternoon.? All present acknowledged the incredible and positive difference Ms. Juanita Williams and the Spa City Community have made and are making with youth in Hot Springs.



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