KYE-YAC Is Excited To Be A Part Of This Special Exhibit Called “Imaginate” At Mid-America Science Museum

Test your paper airplane flying abilities, create beats in the sound lab, flex your mind in the friction zone, create stop motion animation masterpieces and much more in this special exhibit called Imaginate at Mid-America Science Museum. KYE-YAC is excited to be a part of this several month long interactive exhibit encouraging innovation and imagination.

?This interactive exhibit is designed for children and focuses on encouraging their imagination while offering endless possibilities,? says Kye Masino, Pres. of KY,  ?That falls in line with both KYE-YAC’s and our Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots group’s missions. We strive to empower youth through education of any kind.?

Each station in the Imaginate exhibit follows one of five themes: Dream Big; Expect the Unexpected; Collaborate or Compete; Try, Try and Try Again; or Look to the World. Each theme represents a different pathway to innovation and encourages visitors to experiment, observe and be creative in a different way.

This exhibition allows kids to discover and create in an environment that combines creativity with science. Imaginate is a fun, highly interactive exhibition that highlights the skills essential for innovation. 

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