Kye, KYE-YAC, Takes Part In Educating Our Community About The Premier Division Of Genetics At UAMS

Recently, a standing-room-only crowd of interested Arkansans filled Gallery Central at a reception in downtown Hot Springs to learn more about the outstanding Genetics Division at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.? Dr. G. Bradley Schaefer, the first director of the UAMS Division of Genetics, spoke about the many and varied services the Division of Genetics offer to patients of all ages in our state and region.?? He described in detail how we are moving into a new era in medicine, one that focuses on the understanding and use of genomics.? Dr. Schaefer explained how the advanced use of genetics in medicine is already transformimg the quality our health, life and future for the better.? The discourse between Dr. Schaefer and the crowd was fascinating – clearly a reflection of the interest in field of genetics and its potetial.

Days preceding the reception, Dr. Schaefer took Kye on a day-long tour of the UAMS Genetics Division and the many departments and colleges he works with regularly.

“I learned so much from touring the many programs Dr. Schaefer is involved in with genetics, including prenatal genetics, pediatric and adolescent genetics.? It is exciting how genetics is making medicine more highly effective and personalized!”? Kye said, “We live in an age that by knowing our own genome, or genetic code, we are able to know what our individual specific health risks may be and begin preventative measures early enough to avoid future problems.? So, through the examination of our DNA, we can better understand how the roots of our bodies work and with that comes better health for all ages.? That’s amazing.”

The group listening to Dr. Schaefer’s lively presentation seemed to agree with Kye, everyone who attended the event was intensely curious and exuberant about the work UAMS Genetics Division is doing and the vast potential they hold.?? After listening to Dr. Schaefer and his colleagues and many questions later, everyone seemed to feel that Arkansas is on the leading edge of genetics services.? Contemplating the real world application currently being utilized in the field of genetics left the audience hungry and curious for more information!? Dr. Schaefer unlocked much of the mystery of genetics and all who were present couldn’t seem to get enough information.? It made for a intellectually stimulating and rewarding evening.


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