Arkansas Hospice Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

KYE-YAC joined the 20th anniversary celebration for an Arkansas Hospice, an organization that has proven to be strong, trusted and compassionate throughout its existence.  Crowds of people showed up in support of the non-profit and the services they provide including end-of-life care, grief support and counseling and many innovative volunteer programs including their therapy dog program.  KYE-YAC believes in and supports Arkansas Hospice’s mission and vision.  Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for those facing terminal illness and grief by surrounding them with love and embracing them with the best in physical, emotional and spiritual care.  Arkansas Hospice’s vision is to set the standard for end-of-life care and to provide high-quality care to all in need, regardless of ability to pay.  KYE-YAC realizes at a young age that death and dying are not subjects people generally like to discuss or even think about.  However, they also understand death and/or terminal illness is something we will all naturally face at sometime in our lives.  The KYE-YAC kids have learned that with Arkansas Hospice it is more a discussion of living the last part of one’s life in the best way possible.

“Arkansas Hospice provides a noble and compassionate service to people of all ages and their families,” said Kye Masino, “We support them and are fortunate to have them in our community and state.”



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