Monthly Archives: February 2017

Supporting Our Youth In Crisis

The Ouachita Children’s Center supports children in crisis. We have always believed in the mission of the OCC and the very important role they play in our community. KYE-YAC helped support the Mardi Gras fundraiser/celebration to keep our youth safe.

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Glowing Hearts For Valentine’s Day!

We had a great time experimenting with kids at the museum as they made special paper circuit hearts that lit up for their special Valentine! Using recycled paper, copper tape, and simple electrical circuits, the kids made original pieces of

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The Jane Goodall Institute Recognizes Kye As A Compassionate Young Leader

Celebrate Charity—With Chocolate!

What a fun way to raise funds for charity –  by appealing to people’s love of chocolate! The Chocolate Festival is twenty years old and provides funding for the CCMC. A non-profit organization offering services and programs that help individuals

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